est. 1947

Third generation family owned business.

Richey Fishing was started by Dick Richey in 1947 with a small 11 meter trawler and has grown to a fishing business holding quota and licenses in a number of southern fisheries including the Bass Strait Central Zone Scallop Fishery, Tasmanian scallop fishery, Victorian scallop fishery, Southern squid fishery, Tasmanian squid fishery and the Tasmanian Australian salmon fishery.

Richey Services came as an offshoot from Richey Fishing in the 1980’s when the business started doing small offshore charter operations and has grown to specialise in handling offshore scientific moorings, supporting ROV operations, Marine Mammal observers, seismic chase boat and anything that is a bit out of the ordinary.

our history

Richey Fishing Co Pty Ltd – a short history

  • In 1947 following war service on small ships in New Guinea Dick Richey bought an 11m trawler and started fishing out of Narooma NSW

  • 1952 Moved boat and family to Lakes Entrance and became a successful trawl fisher

  • 1956 purchased an old Tiger Moth aircraft and learnt to fly. Found that he could spot schools of fish from the air

  • Bought a war surplus 17m boat to catch Australian salmon he had spotted from the air

  • 1958 started fishing in Tasmania and the business grew

  • By 1967 the three sons were fishing in the business

  • In 1970 Stuart the youngest of the three was skippering the largest of the Richey vessels, the 25m John Franklin

  • In 1982 Stuart accidently become involved in offshore charter which was the start of the Richey Services side of the business

  • 1998 son John Richey starts his fishing career spending time at sea with his father and at the Australian Maritime College getting his qualifications making him a third generation Richey in the business

  • By 2004 Stuart and Gail had bought the other brothers out of the business

  • In 2006 a fully qualified John becomes relief skipper and before long takes over the seagoing operations and Stuart steps back into management but still acts as relief skipper when required

  • Grandson Jack looks set to follow in his father, grandfather and great grandfather’s footsteps